Gothic Style Gas Chandelier




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 U. S.
 late 19th century
  $ 9500
 Very Good 
 brass and iridescent glass
Gothic Style Gas Chandelier
Gothic Style Gas Converted Chandelier. Also - a pair of sconces are available - $3500. Iridescent gold-hued shades signed Quezal. Master gas key on shaft. Dramatic brass dragon with outstretched wings. Ready to grace the deserving home. Some of the most beautiful and alluring art glass made in America during the early part of the 20th Century was made by the Quezal Art Glass and Decorating Company. Often in the shape of blossoming lilies with brilliant gold interiors and colorfully decorated with floral and other motifs inspired by nature, Quezal art glass ranks right alongside the iridescent glass of Louis Comfort Tiffany and Frederick Carder. Quezal artisans created an extensive range of decorative and useful items, including vases, compotes, finger bowls, open salts, candle holders, and shades for lighting fixtures, which are equivalent in terms of beauty and quality of craftsmanship to Tiffanyís Favrile and Carderís Aurene glass. In recent years, glass collectors have discovered anew the special charms and appeal of Quezal art glass, and collector desirability for this lovely glassware has increased dramatically. -








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