Enid Yandell Bronze Fountain




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 U. S.
 early 1900s
  $ 89500
Enid Yandell Bronze Fountain
One of the most desirable works by this well regarded artist of the turn of the last century. Wonderful patina developed while in use as a fountain.

Signed by artist and marked 1909.

Enid Yandell’s works are mostly in museums or on public display. The stylistic quality of her work and the public acclaim given during her lifetime (1870 – 1934) all indicate that Enid was an important sculptor of the period.  Her selection as the first woman member of the National Sculptor Society and admission into the French Academy are indicative of the fact that both her mentors and peers recognized her talent.  Her association with Auguste Rodin and her training with Frederick MacMonnies, Lorado Taft and Karl Bitter gave her the needed credentials to obtain important commissions of her own. This bronze fountain of land cherub meeting sea cherub on coastal grounds is a fine example of her interest in representing human passions through figures with mythical or literary associations. Signed: Enid Yandell, 1909. Online resources: http://www.womeninkentucky.com/site/art/E_Yandell.html








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